Top 6 Most Beautiful Beach Resorts In The World

Beaches offer you a wonderful respite from the buzz of the city and the hectic life. Beaches offer the perfect blend of exotic and serene location lets you glued to it and enjoy to the fullest.

Most of the times couples prefer quiet and private places but the choice may vary from couple to couple. And we also know that it is very hard to arrange for a perfect location and a place to spend your vacation within a short notice of time. So this article of top 6 brings to you the most exotic and ravishing resorts of the world where you can sit, drink and relax throughout your vacations and have a gem of a time with your loved ones.

Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, St. Lucia

Beautiful Beach Resorts In The World

Beautiful Beach Resorts In The World

When you think of St. Lucia, you think of the Caribbean sea. There’s no other place in the world that would provide you with a spectacular view of the sea, like St. Lucia does and so, it is obvious that all the hotels and mills and resorts in St. Lucia provide an excellent view of this sea.

Sugar beach is one of the fastest growing and the best there is in terms of taking care of their customers, having an all night room-service scheme, a classic yet a very royal suite and mouth watering dishes. It is the best resort in the island of St. Lucia.

Hotel Le Toiny, St. Barthélemy

A perfect location for sea lovers, the Hotel le Toiny is located in an island Cote Sauvage in between the Bay of Toiny and the Caribbean Sea. The resort or better called as bungalow resort is a fifteen storied posh building with various types of amenities required to make your holidays worth remembering. To add to the beauty lies the carribean culture and lush, green vegetation and Caribbean food. If you are seduced by nature’s beauty then you are bound to get lost in the beauty of the resort such is its magic. The resort provides various facilities for both the genders so that none gets bored right from exotic spa for your better half to lavish golf gardens, surfing arena and fishing rinks. If you are a health freak then you can also have a good gym session in their state of the art body fitness and cardio gym. So want to have a relaxing holiday plan your next one in the Caribbean’s and make sure you are in the Hotel Le Toiny.

Ocean House, Watch Hill, R.I.

Rhodes Island (R.I) is considered among the top islands for tourists. Hundreds and thousands from all over the world save up and come to Rhodes to have a beautiful stay in the Ocean House, Watch Hill. This resort is known for its ‘yellow facade’ and its splendid view of the Atlantic. With greenery and statues covering in and out of the resort, this place makes one feel at home. With excellent feast and marvelous hospitality, this resort is considered to be one of the best there is in the world.

Four Seasons Resort Mauritius

When it comes to holiday how Mauritius cannot be on the list. The land is famous among international tourists for its pristine white beaches. The four season’s hotel in Anahita alone has 3 white sand beaches all in a lagoon and is obviously the choice for place to stay for most tourists. The resort has an open air architecture combining of thatched roofs and wooden decks and planks and a mix of modern style. It has outdoor showers and private pools. The resort is located on the eastern part of the country and a brisk walk across the bridge will take you to a private island and that too is a property of the resort! You can keep yourself mentally fir during the tour courtesy the resort’s specially arranged yoga and meditation classes. The resort also houses a 18 hole golf course for sport enthusiasts. In shorter words it resembles the Mauritian way of life in a mini, compact but much better way than its counterparts.

Montage Laguna Beach

Montage Laguna Beach

Fregate Resort, Seychelles

Fregate hotel located in the pristine location of the Fregate Island just south of the equator is the place where out of the world beauty meets the ultimate isolation and magnificent seas. The hotel is famous for its sun set views across the globe. The resort is itself an island and takes pride in preserving and maintaining the flora and fauna of the region. The areas are so quiet that you can find your inner soul connecting with you. It has been the most favoured romantic destination for most celebrity couples. The resort also has Castaway Kids Clubhouse to meet the needs for a perfect family outing. The exotic resort houses 16 spacious and awesome villas with marble flooring and a Presidential villa. The view of sunset through the coconut trees with a drink in a hand in the Fregate is a perfect way to end a day during your vacation.

Montage Laguna Beach

This hotel is situated in the United States, well equipped and very well kept. Being appreciated by a large number of people who come here from across the globe, this hotel is built a few miles away from the beach and tourists usually walk down till there. This beach, is ranked number 1 among all other 21 beaches there are.

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